Most other online store systems generate pages "dynamically", as the user views them. Dynamically generated Web pages are ignored by search engines. This is a disaster for an online store, where sales are proportional to traffic. Yahoo Store generates true, static pages. That, combined with their submitter and support for meta tags, means that Yahoo Store's sites get maximum traffic from search engines.

Yahoo! Store has the most complete tracking tools of any online store system. You can see where visitors came from and how much money visitors from each source spent. We can even show what they were searching for in search engines, and how much people searching for each phrase spent. We can provide you with statistics including page views, visits, sales volume, and conversion rate, for any time period, in graphs generated on the fly.

Once completed, all areas of your store can be easily managed from your store manager:

Already have a web site and want to add a store? We can even add online ordering to an existing site, Y! Store is the best way to do it. We will design a store with Y! Store and link the two sites together. We have used this technique, and it works perfectly. For example, we have developed several sites hosted on another server but the "Shop Online" button points to a store made with Y! Store. We can also design your store and have it reside in a frame on your main site.

Using Yahoo! Store you have the scalability to manage very large, high-traffic sites. You will find that these stores will meet even the most demanding needs! High order volumes are no problem. Yahoo! Store can handle over 5000 completed orders per hour, and its database export feature lets you pull orders into your database or spreadsheet with one click.

Check out all the things we can do as a Yahoo! Store Designer!

yahoo store design wizardI thought about placing a whole lot of information here leading up to my answer for using custom templates instead of the design wizard but I realized the Official Yahoo! Store Blog administrator summarized it best by writing the following...

    "The short answer for established merchants is while the new templates are a major improvement compared to the former base templates, custom templates typically include features in excess of even the new templates."

That said, The Design Wizard will guide you step by step through the site design process while the Add Products Wizard will help you get your products onto your site. With just a handful of clicks, you will be able to create an attractive, professional looking, branded online store similar to the many others you may have seen.

However, for those who really want to set themselves apart from their competition and show your customers that you are really serious about doing business on-line... we have always, AND STILL DO, recommend a complete custom Yahoo! Store Design utilizing custom templates built from scratch and just for you. No "pre-built designs" or "magical wizards" will do the job for our clients and that's why we've been developing custom Yahoo! Stores for 8 years!

Don't take our word for it! Take a look at what you get and you will see that their is no comparison.

Yahoo! Store Design Package

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