Google Ads For Small Businesses
We're offering a solution that gives businesses with lower budgets the opportunity to compete and get new customers!

Google Ads for Small Businesses: How It Works

Did you know that Google is the starting place for just about every consumer when they’re looking to buy a product or service? This behavior is the reason Google Ads dominate the advertising landscape, and why the big guys are all moving their advertising budgets to Google.

The fact that Google is now worth more than $1 trillion is proof of where businesses are choosing to spend their money. And the reason is - it works.

We are pleased to offer our clients fully managed Google Ads campaigns, built to attract customers for what you sell, in your target area - all for a price any small business can afford. This requires no time on your part​. We handle all keyword and ad creation, target potential customers in your local market - and we make sure you only pay for qualified customers looking for ​your specific products or services​. We will also constantly monitor and optimize your bids and campaigns, and report back to you in a way you can understand.

With no contracts or high monthly minimums, there is no risk in giving Google Ads a try for your business. We suggest you start small, and grow as you learn from your results.

We look forward to helping your business get new customers from Google search.
Our goal is to help smaller businesses thrive in the digital age.

Designed specifically to help companies who have smaller budgets, our automated platform is built to make it fast, easy, and affordable for any small business to create a perpetual stream of new customers from Google Ads.

Getting found by nearby searchers, while they are actively looking for specific products or services, is the single most impactful thing any small business can do to survive today. Just look at what all the “big guys” are spending the bulk of their advertising dollars on - search ads. And that’s exactly what a properly managed long-tail Google Ads campaign, managed by the automated Shoptoit platform does.
Our platform automatically creates ads for each of a businesses products or services, focusing on long-tail keywords - more specific words describing what they do. This means they won’t overspend on generic, broad search terms, and results in a campaign that reaches motivated, engaged consumers at the point of purchase..
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