Mobile websites are the wave of the future. I remember when we were all in awe at the thought of a phone in your car. We watched Maxwell Smart use his and couldn’t imagine the possibility until it actually happened. Those first awkward brick phones were so cool until the smaller, more convenient phones were made. Who would have thought those first ugly bricks would evolve into miniature portable computers. Now everywhere you look people are walking around with smart phones.

Mobile apps for almost anything and everything you can think of are available at the touch of a button. It was inevitable that cellular phones would soon become the internet devices of choice. The evolution of the cell phone into smart phones that keep us connected to the internet has finally come to pass. As people begin using their phones as mini computers the need for mobile websites has grown steadily. Creating a separate mobile website for your company is more important than ever.

First and foremost it only makes sense that if your customers are mobile then the best way to reach them is to have an easily accessible site that they enjoy browsing. It’s difficult to go through a day without someone telling you about that “awesome app” they just downloaded. Apps are great but if you really want to increase traffic to your site then a mobile website is the way to go. Apps are typically platform specific and creating multiple app platforms can be expensive. With a mobile website you can reach customers on any mobile device without worrying about limitations or extra costs for constantly adapting your apps in the constantly evolving cellular world. Each year the amount of mobile web traffic goes up dramatically and it will continue to do so. It’s estimated that on any given day anywhere between 5 to 10 percent of those visiting websites or blogs are doing so on some sort of mobile device. If your visitors are mobile, then you need to be easily accessible to those on the go customers. The trend will only continue to grow and having a mobile website will allow you to grow right along with it.

mobile comparisonIt’s very important to be competitive with other businesses and you allow your business to get too far behind the leaders. Any smart businessman or businesswoman knows that there is a lot to gain by paying close attention to how the big brand stores spend their money on advertising and growth plans. They didn’t get to be big brands by mistake. It takes careful planning and forward thinking to stay ahead of the competition. There has been a massive of about 2000% in mobile websites. If mobile websites are the wave of the future, then you better make sure your company has the best surfboard ever to catch that wave and ride it all the way to the top.

Probably the most important reason for mobile websites is customer service and satisfaction. Any smart business owner knows that happy customers are repeat customers. A great way to see the difference is to perform your own test. Visit a variety of the big name brand websites on your laptop or desktop computer. Now visit the very same sites on whatever mobile internet device you use most frequently. Note how fast those mobile websites load. They are designed to create a fast, convenient browsing experience. Now pull up a couple regular website not designed for mobile use. You will note that the website can take up to ten times longer to load than the specifically designed mobile websites. Keeping your customers waiting that long will frustrate them and pretty soon they’ll find faster, more convenient websites to use. Mobile websites that load fast and are user friendly when it comes to navigating them will encourage users to visit more often. More visitors to your site will generate more business for your company.

People lead very busy lives and their mobile devices have become their most prized possession. Every minute of every day millions of people are using mobile internet in between daily tasks. With internet access available on a wide variety of mobile devices waiting in line or for an appointment creates an opportunity instead of wasted time. Having a mobile website that is both fast and convenient to use will put your company steps above any company that hasn’t created one.

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