“We are large enough to get any job done but still small enough to give you the personalized service you desire and deserve.” – Jeff Fagan WebStoreSEO.com

If you are looking for a “partner” and not just another “web company”, give us a try. We have the experience, resources and desire necessary to help you compete successfully online. We’ll do our very best not to disappoint you.

Our History...

A Few Words From The Owner…

Hello. My name is Jeff Fagan. People often ask me “Why should I choose your company”? Well, the short answer is, we know what we are doing. I’ve personally been involved with the Internet and the World Wide Web before most people knew what a domain name was. It started with the days of using Internet Gopher, Veronica and Netcom. At that time I was also over-clocking CPU’s until they literally burned up so that every last bit of processor speed could be obtained. I evolved with the technology. I have seen and done just about everything relating to the Internet and WWW. I remember when things like an animated .gif file was worth celebrating and a search for “web site developer” returned about 5 results. Oh, and that wasn’t on Google because they were not even around yet. Other than working on corporate and client projects, I have personally owned, developed, optimized and managed eCommerce and other websites so I have extensive experience from both sides of the table.

The Early Days...

In 1994 I was given the responsibility of heading up the Internet Division of a Multi-Million Dollar Consulting & Marketing Company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I spent 5 years developing and overseeing an extensive intra-net course management system as well as online training programs and assessments for sales and selling skills utilizing all the breaking web technology as it became available. I was writing HTML in a text editor before there was an HTML editor on the market. Javascript, CGI, Perl, PHP, and MySQL Database Development became what we lived for and we used it all to build something that was so ahead of its time that people didn’t even believe it could be done. We didn’t need to use black-hat techniques to trick search engines into thinking we had thousands of pages of content back then because we had thousands of pages of content. When we started I had 2 people that reported to me. 5 years later my “Internet Division” had grown to a staff of 17. We were directly responsible for increasing total company revenue by over 200%.

During this period I became accomplished in defining and driving product branding, marketing, search engine optimization, strategy and requirements. Experience included management functions as well as building an online presence targeting consumers and small business markets. I also participated in a beta test program with a large communications carrier testing live video conferencing over ISDN. I was also one of the original members of the WebTV developers program and participated in creating content optimized for the WebTV standard as well as an early DMOZ Editor for several categories within Web Hosting and Development. Suffice it to say, I have “been around the block” more than a couple of times.

In 1999 I ventured out on my own and started a website development business and a company called “Florida Home Browser”. I started working with local Real-Estate Brokers to place their listings along with virtual tours on-line using third-party software and a searchable property listing service we developed in-house. The process involved traveling to locations and shooting a series of panoramic photographs that would later be “stitched” together using sophisticated software. Once together we would upload the virtual tours along with all the other information to our online searchable database where users could search by location, price, number of rooms, etc.

I guess I wasn’t the only one who liked the concept because not long after that, Realtors.com came along and did the same thing nation-wide for much cheaper than me. (A smart man once told me that one of the worse things that can happen to you in business is to have a great idea and not enough money to keep someone else from doing it. Oh well, at least I was first!) Today this type of thing is the norm but back then the idea of touring a home from your office or living room was science fiction.

With the real-estate listing venture fast behind me and the website development business starting to take off, I switched focus to full service website development under the name “It’s Your Prerogative”. The demand for websites was increasing and business was really taking off. Around that time I also came across an eCommerce platform that Yahoo! had recently bought up from a company called ViaWeb. I’ve been around long enough by that time to recognize a good thing when I saw it and I decided to sign up as a participating designer. After all, I was always way ahead of the curve with my thinking and I envisioned that in the years ahead there may be a lot of people that would want to start selling online as this whole “Internet thing” continued to evolve. Yahoo! thought so too and was so intent on building up their user base that they paid the handful of us designers $100 for everyone we signed up plus gave us use of a free test store for development. They actually still owe me money from 1999 ;-). Yahoo! Stores used a proprietary scripting language based on LISP which was named RTML. There was no documentation around for RTML at that time so a lot of what we did was trial and error, experimenting and learn as you go. Some of the early stores lacked a lot of features available today but now there really isn’t too much that can’t be done. We changed to CustomYstores.com to take advantage of this niche market until Yahoo! said they prefer we not use Ystores in our domain name several years later. With their request in mind and a desire to evolve, I started WebStoreSEO.com in 2007 as I broadened our services to development and website marketing beyond Yahoo! Stores where we remain today.


The rest is history. Over 25 years and hundreds of sites later I am still at it! And, with help from the great folks we have working here now, we’re going to be around developing, optimizing and marketing websites for a long time to come. Our current platforms of choice is Wordpress with WooCommerce or Yahoo! Stores but we are competent on all platforms and we stand out in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We have a achieved 1st page rankings for many high volume keywords for many companies in a variety of industries resulting in high returns. We have had clients remain with us for many years because we always strive to go above and beyond in every service we provide.

We are not a large firm but we employ highly skilled and friendly people with extensive backgrounds in everything from Web Development & Programming to Copy-writing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Local Business Marketing and Graphic Design. I’ve kept our size and overhead down by choice. I never wanted to grow the company beyond our ability to have a personal relationship with our clients. I like to say that we are large enough to get any job done but still small enough to give you the personalized service you desire and deserve. Sometimes we are spread a little thin but we always try to adhere to that philosophy. I have a roll up your sleeves, hands-on approach and I am involved in every project.

So, if you are looking for a “partner” and not just another “web company”, give us a try. We have the experience, resources and desire necessary to help you compete successfully online. We’ll do our very best not to disappoint you.

-Jeff Fagan
Professional Responsive Website Design & Inbound Marketing Services including Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Located in Woodstock, GA 30188 serving all 50 States.
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