Social Media Posting & Management

Too many hats? Not enough time or know-how to do it all yourself? Too expensive to hire in-house? Let us take the social media off your plate cost effectively today!

Why Do You Need Social Media Management?

social media management
In the years we have been in business we have seen many other businesses come and go. One of the mistakes we frequently see is business owners trying to do too much themselves and/or neglecting things that need to be done. We routinely see this with their social media presence. It’s not uncommon to land on a business Facebook page trying to learn more about them only to find their last post was months or even years ago.

Quite simply, we will save you time, save you money while increasing revenue, and keep you relevant. And yes, contrary to what you may think, engagement in Social Media is necessary!

Listen, we know you can’t do everything and focus on growing the business and taking care of your customers too. It is impossible. You definitely don’t have the time and in many cases, the know-how, resources or experience to do it all. We also know the services we offer can help some businesses become and stay successful. Let us take this one crucial part off your plate! We can do it cost effectively while offering you a good return with new business, service recoveries & more.

Our service will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Let us do what we do, promote and support your business to your potential clients. You will have one less hat to wear and it's a lot more cost effective than hiring a dedicated person in-house do it. Or worse, an intern or low-level employee posting content at random on behalf of your brand. Having us contribute to your brand’s strategy and goals with our resources and experience will yield a much better result. It’s a win-win!

What Will We Do Exactly?

social media writer
We’re here to help you keep your social media fresh and posting often. We post relevant interesting content about your company so they can get to know you more and potentially become customers. A good social media presence can be like ripples on a pond. A good post can be shared by people who like it, and hashtags can get in front of potential customers who may have never looked for you.

Our social campaigns (facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Tumblr, etc.) will drive awareness, calls, and foot traffic for local businesses that have a physical location. We will focus on sophisticated targeting and high-quality creatives to increase brand awareness and positive mentions/shares on-line. Specials, new products or services, promotions and more, We get the word out about your business and make sure it is shared! Our included social video posts can be an entertaining way for us to get your message across. We Will Drive Targeted Traffic from RED HOT Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & More!

Curating and writing content is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of social media. What is going to interest people? What do they want to know about you or your industry? How often should you promote yourself? These are all things we have mastered for you so you don’t need to worry about the complexities. We publish the right content at the right times and in the right amount.We take care of it all for you too so you can focus on running your business.

What Social Media Channels Do We Post To?



Facebook is probably the most popular social media site with over 2 billion monthly users. You certainly don’t want to miss this one!


Twitter is still quite popular with over 328 million monthly tweeters. We format your content into short snippits and images for this channel.


Pinterest is another popular location for sharing images. Each of your posts here will be image based on image searches.


Instagram is very popular for the younger generation. With over 700 Million users (400 million daily) this is a widely used social media channel.


LinkedIn is the largest business and professional network on the planet. Engaging on this platform is ideal to establish your authority and professional standing in your community.
google my business

Google My Business

Google My Business (previously Google Plus) Is still a significant platform to attract and engage potential customers. These listings rank extremely well on the Internet and can be a significant source of new traffic. Your presence here is very important.


Tumblr has attracted 29.2 million unique visitors. Tumblr’s audience is among the youngest with 45% being under 35 years old. This provides a unique platform to attract a younger generation to your company to build loyalty to you early in their lives.


Whether it is your own WordPress website, or a separate blog on the cloud, we have you covered. WordPress claims they power 28% of the entire Internet. This is where we publish articles and larger posts that are written for your company.


Blogger is a free blogging platform that is simple to use. Blogger is owned by Google and is quite an authoritative blogging platform. Many SEO Companies use Blogger to post content and is a wonderful place to post articles and longer post content.
We also utilize a unique “self approval” process that you can use to authenticate most accounts instead of sending us over usernames and passwords.

What Are Examples Of "Creatives"?

Sure! Here are a few examples of video posts...
Here are just a few examples of some images we post to give you an idea of quality. We have content designed for many vertical markets that will be personalized to your company. We also create custom content for your business on a regular and on-going basis for the duration of your membership. For each image or post we include links, descriptions and hash tags all referencing or pointing to your business.
Here are a few examples for Roofing Contractors...
Here are a few examples for Auto Insurance Agencies...

Who Writes The Social Content?

We do! Quality is first priority at WebStoreSEO so we write and contract in-house as well as partner with a leading company specialized in social media writing and content. All of our writers are U.S. based and live in Arizona, California, Utah, and Texas at the moment. All have college educations with bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Some are current school teachers, others stay at home moms who have left their careers and are looking to stay busy with some extra work. Some of our writers have specialties in legal, medical, construction, social services, education, financial, and other specialty areas making them highly qualified to write this content.
Social Content Editors

Nancy F.

Social Media Manager / Insurance

Chelsea S.

Social Media Writer Legal / Medical

Kamber J.

Social Media Writer

Trevor E

Social Media Writer

Jessica S.

Social Media Writer

Jessica J.

Social Media Writer

Luana K.

Social Media Writer

Michelle O.

Social Media Writer

Lindsey S.

Social Media Writer

Aubrey J.

Social Media Writer

Kaly N.

Social Media Writer

What Is All This Going To Cost?

Price Includes:

Content Targeted For Your Vertical Market
Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google My Business, Pinterest & LinkedIn)
Daily Posting (High Quality Creatives, Industry Related Content, Video, Etc.)
Special Promotions (Sales, Specials, Hiring, Etc.)
Calls To Action, Hashtags, Linking, Etc.

Per month. No contract. No long term obligation. Cancel anytime before next billing.
Plus $125 One Time Setup Charge
Professional Responsive Website Design & Inbound Marketing Services including Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Located in Roswell, GA 30076 serving all 50 States.
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