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Why Can't I Build My Website Myself?

Maybe you can but do you really want to and does it actually make sense? It's getting easier to build simple websites these days. You even have DIY platforms like WIX to help you. On the design front, WIX looks pretty good. They are actually one of the pioneers of do-it-yourself web development and its tools are pretty good and easy to understand and use. By using a combination of Wix's templates and their simple editor you can build a decent looking website in two to three hours. If you use their platform you'll get an attractive initial splash page for your business. However, if your company needs more than a "superficial" website (most do), DIY has some serious drawbacks. Some things to consider...

Remember, with DIY platforms you are on your own. People serious about doing business on the web will eventually be looking for a company like ours to help them. We may not be able to do much with what you have so why start from scratch when everything could have been done right the first time?

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